Jordan McLoughlin

Jordan McLoughlin is the company’s Senior Research Analyst, where he hybridizes his creative pursuits and analytical nature to help companies like Google, NPR, and Discovery bridge the gaps between data and creative strategy. While high-level Ideation and actionable business learnings are always the end goal, he enjoys creating efficiencies in data architecture and processing, to enable a deeper, more accurate dive into the numbers that allow for those goals to be met.

In addition to his research career, Jordan is an accomplished dancer. He has traveled the world to judge, compete in, and teach the style of ‘Popping’. His teachings focus on pedagogies around conceptual thought and release in freestyle dance, as well as new technical frameworks for footwork in street dance.


Jordan previously co-founded online sports simulator MOSS Baseball, where he led a team of developers to architect the game, and conducted primary research to gauge market interest and product usability. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from UCLA, in Psychology.

My Favorite Re Word:


Much like the former tagline from luxury automobile maker, Lexus, I too have the relentless pursuit of perfection. In my personal life, this is evident in my dancing. In my professional life, this manifests itself in scrutinizing every piece of data that comes across my desk.

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